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How To Prepare My Lawn for Overseeding

Posted by Brian Gerber on Oct 15, 2020 3:55:09 PM

How Do I Prepare My Lawn For Overseeding?

Have you ever tried to plant grass seed and gotten no results? As we all know, it can be a very discouraging waste of time and money. Overseeding your lawn effectively can be a great way to rejuvenate a worn down yard. 

They key to successfully overseeding your lawn can lie in the preparation

Before you overseed your lawn it’s always important to mow your lawn low, be aware of your soil’s health, research the type of grass seed you will be using and be aware of how much water you will be needing. 


If you are hiring a professional lawn maintenance company, remember the following:

  • For best seed to soil contact mow the lawn around 2.5 inches high and bag/do not leave clumps. For an added bonus - you can also rake the top layer of grass just to make sure you are removing any extra debris and are loosening the soil a bit. 
  • Aerator tines typically go into the ground approximately 2-3 inches deep.  If there is anything in the ground that this would interfere with (irrigation heads, dog fence, pipe, etc.) you should mark it with an irrigation flag and notify your lawn care company.

How Do I Know if I Need to Overseed My Lawn?

If your lawn is looking a bit bare/thin or if your lawn suffered a rough summer full of heat and drought stress, it might be time to consider overseeding your lawn. 


A lawn that’s looking a bit worn can be the result of many factors such as an excessive thatch layer, disease or heat stress among many others. A yard that is not full with lush, healthy grass is an invitation for opportunistic weeds, crabgrass and moss coverage. 

How To Overseed a Lawn?

You can either hire a professional with state of the art equipment and expertise or you can do it yourself! 

You can overseed your lawn using several different methods:

As always - seed to soil contact is key. 

When Is The Best Time of Year to Overseed My Lawn?

In the Northeast, fall is by far the best time of year to overseed your lawn followed by late fall/early winter with Dormant Seeding Services.

Do I Have to Do Anything to My Lawn After it’s Overseeded?

After care: It’s important to water, water, water (unless you are receiving Dormant Seed services).

After Core Aeration and Seeding is performed by a lawn care company, do not mow your lawn for 2-3 weeks to allow new grass to establish itself. 

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