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5 Best Ways to Seed My Lawn

Posted by Dave Schwarm on Oct 29, 2019 9:04:14 AM
Dave Schwarm

Triple Core Aeration and Seed

Core aeration is a type of aeration where thousands of  tiny "cores" or tubes of soil are removed from your lawn.  These small holes allow water, nutrients and air to penetrate compacted soil. This process allows your existing grass to create new plants through a process called tillering. 

The most effective way to build up your thin lawn is to not only aerate but to over seed as well.   While single and even double core aeration will give you good results, triple aeration leads to the fastest acting results and a great lawn. 

What is triple aeration you might ask?  Triple aeration means that we are simply passing over your lawn 3 times to create three times the space for air, water and nutrients to penetrate your soil. 

Aeration Tubes

Machine Slice Seeding 

All slice seeders are not created equal!  The truly effective slice seeding machines are typically sold and used commercially.

The main difference between slice seeding and aeration + over seeding is that a slice seeding machine puts new seeds directly into the 1 inch furrows or slices created in the soil. 



This process is often thought of as an effective way to overseed an existing thin lawn. The problem is if the soil is not loose, it is very hard for the Hydroseed to incorporate and stabilize and therefore can sometimes be less effective.  It is however an excellent way to stabilize newly fine-grade topsoil  and provides a very goods result for those new lawn installations.

Garden Weasel and Seed

This is the perfect way to patch-up those little bare spots and thin areas alone the edges in your lawn. A great lawn always has a few spots in the lawn that need a little touch-up seeding in the fall.  Simply throw down the seed in the bare/ thin spots and work it in with the garden weasel.

Broadcast Seeding

Broadcast seeding is when seed is scattered by hand. This is a homeowner’s favorite, and probably lease effective,  way to grow new grass in an existing lawn that has bare and thin areas.

The flaw in this method is that you need loose soil to cradle the seeds and hold moisture to promote good germination.  Simply spreading seed on bare spots usually won’t do the trick even when using some of the new “super” seeds that you see advertised on TV.

How to Seed your lawn


Bottom Line:  You need premium contact between seed and soil and you need loose soil to assist in seed germination and root development.

Triple Core Aeration and Seed with Starter Fertilizer is not only the most effective way to over seed an existing lawn that I have seen in my 29 years as a Lawn Expert, it’s also the most cost effective. 


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