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Slice Seeding vs Aeration & Seeding

Posted by Nate Bahler on Oct 14, 2021 11:19:35 AM
Nate Bahler

Here at Green Meadow we do a lot of Triple Core Aeration & Seeding and Dormant Seeding.  Sometimes, however, a different kind of seeding might be the best fit for a customer...that’s when we recommend Slice Seeding

How do we decide which service to go with?

Generally, if the lawn is 30% or more thick/dense/present we recommend Triple Core Aeration and Seed.  If your lawn is made up of less than 30% desirable grasses, we like to go with Slice Seeding.  For the best results with Slice Seeding, we core aerate first. 

While Slice Seeding often comes at a higher price tag than Aerate and Seeding, there's a reason for it and we’ll explain why. 


What is Slice Seeding?

Slice Seeding creates 1 inch deep slits in the ground with vertical blades and deposits seed directly into the slits created in the soil using equipment called a Slice Seeder or Slit Seeder. 

What are the differences between Slice Seeding vs Core Aeration & Seeding?

With an Aerator, we are pulling soil cores out of the ground and relieving compaction while creating space for great seed to soil contact when the lawn is overseeded.  After the thousands of soil plugs are pulled, we overseed over all of the holes created. Aeration is great for overall soil health and allows for better absorption of nutrients. 

Slice Seeding is a more aggressive than Core Aeration & Seeding and gives a little bit more of an immediate result. Instead of grass growing out of the tiny holes created, the grass will grow in rows (think a corn field) and give you that desired ‘carpet’ effect quicker than you would get with Core Aeration and Seeding. 

Slice Seeding drops grass seed directly into the furrows created, putting seed directly in contact with soil.  Slice Seeders are designed to cut soil at just the right depth.  It’s not the same as broadcasting seed over a lawn - it’s laid directly into the furrows/slits created in the soil by the Slice Seeder equipment.

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