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How Much Does Tick Control Cost?

Posted by Brian Gerber on Mar 26, 2020 4:50:18 PM

Key Factors in Tick Control Cost

There are many factors that influence the price of a tick control program for your lawn. These factors can range from product cost, treatment areas, number of applications, and size of the area treated.

Questions Answered:

  • What is the difference between synthetic and organic tick control products?
  • Where can I buy tick control products?
  • Where should I spray for ticks?
  • How many applications do I need to apply?
  • When should I apply tick control? 
  • How much do tick control applications cost?
  • Why Do I Need to Spray my Lawn for Ticks?

Products - Synthetic vs Organic


  • Cedarcide
  • Cedar Wood Oil

These products will range in price between $100-$200 per gallon. How many gallons that are needed will depend on the size of your lawn.  If you aren't sure what the size of your lawn is, use apps such as Google Maps or Measure My Lawn. 

Keep in mind that organic tick control products work as repellants and suppressants while synthetic tick control works to eliminate ticks in your lawn.  


  • Bifenthrin
  • Permethrin
  • Thermacell Tick Control Tubes: $30 for 12 tubes. 

These products range from around $55-$100 per gallon. They are very effective products labeled for both indoor and outdoor use.

Connecticut deer ticks and lyme disease

Where Can I Buy Tick Control Products?

Many of these products can be found online or on amazon. You could also stop by a local SiteOne dealer and pick up products from there if you decide to do this work on your own. 

Where Should I Spray for Ticks?

Ticks live in shaded areas with leaf or brush coverage. Areas can include tree stumps, under bird feeders, rock walls and near fences. Make sure all of these areas are treated. 

  • Starting with the woods line, spray from about 5ft in the lawn to 15ft into the woods.
  • Move to flowerbeds spraying plants and mulch from the ground up to about chest height. 
  • Spray any tree stumps, bottom side of bird feeders, rock walls and fences.
  • Move to the house: spray around foundation, under decks, around downspouts and any bushes or landscaping that is around house.

Whether you do this yourself or hire a lawn care service to help, pricing will be based off of the linear footage of the area treated.

How Many Applications of Tick Control Does My Lawn Need?

The number of applications is based on your property and needs. Typically there are four applications spread out over the course of the year when ticks are active.

When Should I Apply Tick Control? 

When temperatures reach 45 degrees F, ticks become and stay active. This is the best time to apply your first application. The following applications should be scheduled about 6-8 weeks apart until the first frost.  Upon arrival of the first frost, most ticks will become inactive.

How Much Do Tick Control Applications Cost?

Lawn Service Companies typically charge between $.25 and $.50 per linear foot.

Make sure you ask where they are spraying and what is being sprayed to ensure quality service.

Many companies have a minimum price per application that can cost around $60.00. 

Annual costs are dependent on how many applications you request/how many applications are needed for your property.

Why Do I Need to Spray My Lawn for Ticks?

  • Safety of your family and pets.
  • Disease: Ticks carry a wide variety of scary diseases such as Lyme Disease, Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever, Ehrlichiosis, Anaplasmosis, and Haemobartonellosis.

Bottom Line:

If you are going to tackle your tick problem on your own, please be persistent. If you are going to hire a professional, hire someone you trust. Referrals from friends, family or a neighbor are usually the best way to avoid getting taken advantage of.

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