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How do I mow my lawn like a professional?

Posted by Brian Gerber on Mar 15, 2019 12:02:08 PM

Have you ever finished mowing your lawn and been disappointed with the results? Maybe your lawn doesn’t have that dark green and consistent look.  These are a few of the signs you may have bad mowing habits. The good news is that I can help you learn to mow your lawn like a Professional.

Below is a list of the 5 biggest mistakes homeowners make when mowing their lawn.

  1. Dull/Bent blades
  • Dull blades tear the grass instead of leaving a clean cut which is harmful to the grass blade and makes your lawn more prone to disease
  • Bent blades can scalp your lawn which can result in dead strips of grass
  • Running mower at half speed (RPM) causes the mower to not spin the blades at optimum speed resulting in a less clean cut
  1. Cutting too short
  • In the Spring and Fall you should mow your lawn shorter 2.5-3in
  • In the Summer when temperatures rise, raise your blades to 3-3.75in
  • Long grass blades are essential for keeping the roots shaded from the sun to avoid drought stress
  • Raise/lower blades slowly over the course of few weeks between seasons to avoid disease growth
  • Never cut more than 1/3 of the grass blade. It stresses the grass blade if too much is cut off in a single mowing leading to burns and brown spots
  • Mow lawn as frequent as needed to so no more than 1/3 of grass is being cut each mowing
  1. Mowing wrong and time of day
  • Mowing in the morning when grass is still wet will help spread diseases and leave clumps of grass which will result in dead areas around your yard
  • Don’t mow lawn the same way every week
  • Clean mower deck frequently to avoid buildup of clippings
  • Don’t speed when mowing your lawn. Drive at a speed where the blades can keep up with how much grass they have to cut. This will result in a much fresher slice of the grass blade and less clumps
  1. Not leaving clippings in yard (no clumps)
  • When you mow recycle grass clippings back into your lawn
  • It is a great source of natural fertilizer into the soil
  • If mower leaves clumps raise blades 1/2in and mow lawn a second direction. This will break up clumps to avoid killing areas of your yard
  1. Poor equipment
  • Always make sure mower is not leaking oil or gas. It is very toxic to lawns and will leave strips of dead grass around your yard
  • Always fill mower with fuel over a driveway/road or any area where a spill won’t damage your lawn

You're not as far away from a healthy lawn as you might think. If you change a few bad habits your lawn will change drastically. By taking care of your grass, your yard will start to look like those neighbors that always seem to have the best lawns on the block. You can make the grass greener on your side by using these Professional mowing techniques. 

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