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How Much Does Lawn Care Cost in South Windsor & Ellington Area?

Posted by Dave Schwarm on Jan 16, 2019 8:53:01 AM
Dave Schwarm

That’s a great question!  It is the question I have been asked and answered literally thousands of times in my 29 years as a lawncare customer service manager.  As a Connecticut Licensed Grass Expert and Arborist, I have experienced pricing from the perspective of 6 different companies starting with Chemlawn in 1990 and most recently finishing a 17-year tenure with The Green Scene in Manchester.



What Factors Drive Prices Up and Down for Lawncare?

To answer this question, it’s important to understand that your annual investment in lawn care is influenced by a variety of different factors.  These factors have a big impact on the results you receive.

Here are the key factors that are going to impact your lawn care prices:

  • Lawncare Products – All materials are not created equal! Adding things like Bio-Stimulants, Humeric Acid, micro-nutrients, organics to fertilizer can easily increase a company’s product cost by 50%.  Special weed controls for Nutsedge, Ground Ivy, Violets and other difficult to control weeds will increase product cost by over 100% for a service provider, so much that some companies charge separately to treat.
  • Experienced Lawn Specialists – One of the most common complaints I have heard over my years from customers that just fired their lawncare company is, “Every time I had a service, it was someone different.” It has been my experience that the relationship between the Lawncare Specialist and Customer plays a key role in customer satisfaction.  An experienced specialist that builds history and trust with you will be the gift that keeps on giving! 
  • What’s Included or Excluded in “The Program” – This is were many companies vary. You have to do the math! Just this year I saw a company start charging separately for Surface Insect Control and “Triple Billing” for their summer service…ouch!  Other companies include the Grub Control but increase the price of the fertilizer applications to offset the expense.
  • The Square Footage of Your Lawn – Every square footage has a price assigned to it which is pretty much the standard way to price in the industry. How did your lawn get measured? Pacing, measuring wheel, online measure app whether from the office or on-site, there are many different ways to get that square footage.  Accuracy is key to fair pricing.  If the square footage and pricing are wrong, this inevitably leads to either poor service because your lawn is undermeasured and the lawn specialist has a goal to meet and now resents your lawn or you get over priced and don’t get the value you desire.  The most accurate way to measure a lawn I have found in 29 years, is on-site with an online measuring tool like

Top 5 Compared

Trugreen, Central Connecticut Lawn and TLC from Shrewsbury Massachusetts have very low prices…   Check those reviews.

The Green Scene and Green Carpet offer extensive service plans.  When you do the annual math, I have noticed, they usually cost more than most.

Who’s it the middle?  That’s usually where you will find the best values.


Green Meadow’s Pricing Philosophy

While we are definitely not cheapest, we are also not the most expensive.  Our pricing represents our high standards and reputation we have built over 13 years.  All Green Meadow employees have extensive field training and classroom time to ensure you will have a knowledgeable and helpful specialist to work with you and your lawn.  Our pricing is fair and firm.  We will not compromise on quality and pricing because ultimately, we feel they hand and hand. 


What will it cost you to do business with Green Meadow?

  • Most companies have a minimum price. Our 5 Step Premium Fertilization Program minimum price is $66 per treatment and our Grub Control is $76.  This will treat up to 8,000 square feet.  The annual cost is $406
  • Discounts – 5% off for prepayments. There is an additional 5% off available to all Veterans… Thank-you for your service!
  • Additional services such as 3X Core Aeration and Seeding with Starter Fertilizer are priced very reasonably to encourage you to upgrade your lawn. We realize that whenever you give us the opportunity to do additional work on your property, that is another chance for us to improve your results and earn more of your trust.  Our minimum price for 3X Core Aeration and Seeding with Starter Fertilizer is $360 and includes up to 8,000 square feet


Here’s the Bottom Line:

It all comes down to who do you trust.  Check the company’s social media presence like Facebook.  Check their reviews and ask your friends neighbors and family for recommendations.  Set an appointment to meet someone on your property for not just a price but to determine what your lawn needs and even more importantly what you need.  For an on-site estimate and lawn/ property evaluation, please follow this link:

Request an Estimate On-Site


By:  Dave Schwarm

January 15, 2019

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