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5 Hidden Costs in Lawn Care Services

Posted by Dave Schwarm on May 28, 2020 5:36:09 PM

Have you even been car shopping and found a "great deal" only to realize later that you were charged extra for your 4th tire?

I have 30 years of experience working in the lawn care industry and I have seen a lot of "slicksters" who take advantage of uninformed customers. I’m here to level the playing field and inform you. 
Here’s what I have found is common practice in the lawn service industry and where the hidden costs may lie:
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How Do I Cut Back My Lawn Care Costs by 40%?

Posted by Dave Schwarm on Mar 10, 2020 2:06:17 PM

How To Cut Back On Your Lawn Care Costs Without Hurting Your Lawn. 

In my 30 years in the lawn care industry, I have seen and talked to many customers regarding how to reduce the annual cost of their Full Lawn Care Program.

It usually it's starts something like this:

  1. I receive a phone call from a concerned customer who has to make some budget cuts.
  2. Their first thought is they have to do away with EVERYTHING...

But there is a middle ground! There is HOPE!

A good company can identify the goals of a customer and help them find something that allows them to maintain the investment that they've already put into their lawn yet not break the family budget. 

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Why Are Some Lawn Care Companies Cheaper Than Others?

Posted by Dave Schwarm on Feb 27, 2020 12:19:52 PM

Behind the Scenes: Why Lawn Care Company Prices Differ

Working in Lawn care customer service for now 30 years, one of the most common calls I get is, “I need to cancel my services because I can't afford it”. 

 Have you ever gotten a knock on your door or a phone call or a mailer with a 'too good to be true' price? 

If it seems too good to be true, it just might be...

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8 Things to Know Before Hiring a Lawncare Company

Posted by Nate Bahler on Feb 22, 2019 1:22:21 PM

Hiring a lawn care company can be easy.  Hiring the right one...not always so easy. 

Who do you trust? Reviews offer simple, relevant guidance and show the truth of what a company is all about. Search Engines and Social Media such as Google, Facebook and Yelp reviews are controlled by the customer and once posted, share the customers experience to the world.  Asking neighbors and friends what lawn services they use and what they think of them, is a great way to find a company that might be right for you.

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Top 5 Reasons Why Lawncare Companies Raise Prices

Posted by Dave Schwarm on Feb 19, 2019 6:36:06 AM

With spring fast approaching, is the lawn care company you are using having a price increase and you are struggling to understand why?

If so, this article is for you.

I usually start my articles with a search of the web to research what is being said. When I Googled “lawncare price increases” it gave many strategies on how much to increase and when to increase but not much on the why. In my 29 years in the industry, I have witnessed good reasons and then ones that just made me shake my head.

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Cost of Lawn Care in Northern CT [Explained]

Posted by Dave Schwarm on Jan 16, 2019 8:53:01 AM

In my 30 years as a Lawn Care Customer Service Manager,  I have been asked this question many many times. 

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