Why Are Some Lawn Care Companies Cheaper Than Others?

Posted by Dave Schwarm on Feb 27, 2020 12:19:52 PM
Dave Schwarm

Behind the Scenes: Why Lawn Care Company Prices Differ

Working in Lawn care customer service for now 30 years, one of the most common calls I get is, “I need to cancel my services because I can't afford it”. 

 Have you ever gotten a knock on your door or a phone call or a mailer with a 'too good to be true' price? 

If it seems too good to be true, it just might be...

Here's some insight into what I have seen going on behind the scenes: 

Top 5 reasons some lawn care companies are cheaper than others. 


Is it possible that a salesman underestimated the size of your lawn? If the size of your lawn is low-balled, the cost is lowered.  Some sales teams use this as a method to secure a sale. 


While this may sound great on the surface, this can create friction between the Sales and Services department of a company. If your lawn is not measured accurately, this can cause problems when a service team makes a treatment plan leading to issues with your lawn.

If we don't know the proper size, we can't measure how much treatment is needed accurately. 

Introductory Offer

This occurs when you get a lower starting price but once its been made comfortable for you to work with, the price keeps rising. 

Has this happened to you or does this sound familiar? Not everyone likes change so sometimes we just stick with it...and companies know this. 

A few years down the road, you might end up paying way more than you ever expected you would.


Price reflects quality.  Checking reviews can always be a good indicators of what type of quality service experience and/or results you can expect from a company. If the reviews are terrible and the prices are cheap, that tells a story.

 Measuring Tools

Was your lawn measured in person or via an office?

Unless a specialist comes out to your property and sees the borders and perimeters of your lawn, it is likely that the measurement is incorrect and on the low end. 

In lawn care, pricing is usually based on the size of your lawn. If they have underestimated the size of your lawn, they’ve under-priced it as well.

This means that when the lawn specialist gets to your property, he's not going to be happy that he's doing a “half-price lawn” and the results and quality might show. 

What is included?

Beware of separate charges for everything under the sun! 

Definitions of a 'Full Program' can vary from one company to another.

Sometimes a full program is truly a full program and sometimes a full program might only be the bare essentials.  Beware of separate charges and look closely into exactly what you are paying for. 

Click the photo below to view what's included in our full lawn care program:

Green Meadow Lawn Care Full Lawn Care Program

Bottom line:  

If you are truly looking for the best value or “bang for your buck”, do your research.

Check the reviews.

Ask family friends, neighbors for referrals. If you need to cut costs, going with a cheaper company could ultimately and, usually does, cost more. Working with a reputable and trusted lawn care company to reduce the cost of the program is usually the way to get the best value and fit your budget.

After you read those reviews, ask yourself this question, does it walk like a duck, does it quack like a duck and does it talk like a duck?  If it does, it's probably a duck.


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