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Spring Lawn Care Myths

Posted by Nate Bahler on Dec 23, 2020 5:00:44 PM
Nate Bahler

planting grass seed in spring

Myth #1 "The best time to seed my lawn is in Spring" 

A lot of people believe the best time of year to seed your lawn is in the spring.  Seed planted in springtime will germinate quickly but might die just as quickly as it came up. 

The reason for this? 

  • Grass seed planted in spring will not have enough time to build the strong root system it needs to survive summer heat/drought stress. 
  • Grass will grow rapidly on the surface using up significant energy and nutrients in the process. The roots, therefore, don't get what they need.

Crabgrass Pre v Post emergent

Myth #2 "Once Crabgrass Has Germinated, It's A Waste of Time To Treat It"

False! A later application is better than none. We recommend crabgrass pre-emergent as a preventative measure but crabgrass can spread and grow at different rates. If crabgrass seeds have already sprouted, you can use a post-emergent herbicide. 

  • When Should I Treat for Crabgrass?

how often to water your lawn in spring

Myth #3 "I Should Water My Lawn Every Day"

Don't water your lawn every day.  Watering infrequently (every 2-3 days or so) encourages roots to grow downward in search of water. This will help plants build a stronger root system. 

  • How to Water Your Lawn [Dos and Don'ts]

leave grass clippings on lawn for nutrientsMyth #4 "I should remove the lawn clippings after I mow my lawn"

Leaving clippings on a lawn is only a problem if they are too thick (a result of either grass being too wet or too high when it was mowed). 

Under the right circumstances, grass clippings are great for your lawn!  They are rich in nutrients (especially Nitrogen) and provide your lawn free food and save you time! 

Myth #5 "I see mole tunnels.  I must have grubs"

Mole tunnels are commonly found in the spring after the ground thaws out.  As the temperature rises and the ground gets softer, worms and other insects start to move as well. 

Before the Winter,  grubs travel deep into the soil -  up to 8 inches in most cool season areas.  They usually don’t come up to the surface until late spring.  


Bottom Line:  Just because you have been told things work a certain way for years doesn't mean it is true.  The only things in life that is inevitable is change.  When in doubt, give us a call.  We are happy to help!


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