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5 Best Ways to Find A Local Lawn Care Company

Posted by Dave Schwarm on Jan 28, 2020 10:59:55 AM
Dave Schwarm

Finding a Lawn Care Company That's Right for You. 

Are you tired of dealing with the “Big Boys”? National & Franchise Companies have their place in our industry but might not be right for you.

You may want a more trusted and local option. It’s not always easy to find the lawn care company that is right for you.

Here’s where I have experienced the best referrals and recommendations coming from in my now 29 years in the lawn care industry:


This one is the most obvious. You look out the window and there it is; the lawn that you always dreamed of having. Don’t be fooled, it may seem like they are happy with their customer service if their lawn looks great but they might not be.

Our recommendation; call them up for the inside scoop. Your neighbors will more than likely give you their honest opinion. 

To me, this is the one you can trust the most. We all have that relative that loves their lawn and could be considered a “tough customer”. This is the family member you want to get a recommendation from. They usually know the best people who won’t let you down (or else).

Local Landscapers 
Many local landscapers stick to what they are good at - mowing, installations and manual services. Not all lawn services might specialize and perform treatments that require specific licenses BUT they typically do know someone who does.

If you have a lawn care company that you can trust, you can be assured that they know their industry and can point you in the direction of a business that maintains the proper training and insurance for the services you need. 

Community Facebook Page 
We are turning to local social media pages and forums for recommendations more and more these days. What’s interesting about this approach is that you get the good, the bad and sometimes the ugly. 

It can be a lot of information to take in at times and you might not be sure who you can or can't trust but let your community do the homework for you.

Google "Lawn Care Near Me"
Fun fact - this is the number 1 internet search used to find our company, Green Meadow Lawn Care, in 2019. It can be a great tool when you are trying to narrow down the companies local to you. When using Google Search to shop for a lawn care company, be sure to always check the reviews! Click here for Green Meadow's Reviews

The Bottom Line: Doing business locally has its distinct advantages but do your homework. In addition to getting that recommendation, look for someone who is willing to meet with you on-site, returns your calls and has those glowing, 5-star reviews. 

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