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What Do Moles Eat? It's NOT just Grubs!

Posted by Brian Gerber on Apr 1, 2021 12:58:44 PM

Mole Myths: Moles eat MORE than just Grubs!

Have you ever had moles wreak havoc on your lawn? If so, you know just how time consuming of a fix it can be.  Many people believe that if they have a lawn service that includes grub control that this will eliminate moles. The reality? Grubs are only a part of a mole’s diet. 

Many people believe that if moles are present in the yard, it’s due to grubs. While eliminating grubs eliminates some of a mole’s food source, it does not eliminate their main food source.         

What’s the point of grub control then, you ask? Grub control mainly prevents grubs themselves from damaging your lawn.  Grubs will destroy a lawn by feeding on grass roots and causing sections of turf to die. 

Grub control is very important to control grubs from damaging your lawn but grub control is NOT mole control. It will reduce their chance of coming into your lawn but it's not guaranteed to get rid of them. 

Remember - moles are insectivores.  There are many tasty critters aside from grubs that they like to snack on. 

What Do Moles Eat?

The majority of a mole’s diet is actually earth worms. Moles follow their food source.  When the ground is dry or frozen, moles tunnel deeper. When the ground is moist and earthworms are at the surface, this is when you will see more surface tunnels. You will notice more surface tunnels during Spring and Fall. 

  • Earthworms

  • Grubs

  • Mature insects

  • Snail larvae

  • Spiders

  • Ants

Are Grubs the reason I have Moles?

Grubs can make up a large portion of a mole’s diet but they might not be the reason moles are present in your yard. 

Moles build tunnels in search of food. They are feeding and eating constantly.  The less food there is, the less time they will stick around. 

Performing  grub control with surface feeding insect control is a great way to reduce the food source and make your lawn less attractive to moles. 

Our recommendation: Try worm bait to get rid of your moles but be careful with your placement as these can be harmful to children or animals. 

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