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How To Repair Grub Damage

Posted by Dave Schwarm on Nov 12, 2021 1:36:12 PM
Dave Schwarm

Today we are going to talk about how grubs damage your lawn and what you can do on your own to repair it. 

Grub damage can be terrible - you might look at a grub damaged lawn and be instantly overwhelmed and thinking it’s going to be a “big fix”.  Don’t think so fast!  Grub damage can be spot-repaired in no time.  We’ll go over how with you.  

What does Grub Damage Look like? 

Grubs will damage a lawn by feeding on the roots of grass plants.  This can cause sections of your lawn to pull up like a freshly laid layer of sod. Since the root system is gone, walking on your lawn might feel squishy. If you peel back some grass (which should come up fairly easily), you should see white grubs under the surface. 

Grub damage will begin with wilted looking grass blades then transition to brown turf patches.  Grubs are known as a sub-surface insect. What they do is they nip plants at the root.  They can be a silent killer in your lawn.  It’s very easy not to notice they are there until it is too late.

How do I fix grub damage?

It’s actually not that hard to fix! The roots are dead, the grass is dead, it’s all likely already decomposing so what you are left with is a nice layer of loose and aerated organic matter which will make for a great seed bed. 

  1. Apply a curative grub control to stop the problem immediately. 
  2. Rake out any loose grass to loosen soil
  3. Sprinkle grass seed over damaged area
  4. Work grass seed into loose soil with a hand cultivator or garden weasel for best seed to soil contact
  5. Water new seed

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