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Zoysia Grass - Controlling Undesirable Grasses

Posted by Dave Schwarm on Oct 29, 2021 3:09:32 PM
Dave Schwarm

What is Zoysia Grass?

Zoysia Grass is a warm season grass designed to perform really well in warm climates.  Zoysia grass prefers the sun and it is very tolerant of heat and drought. 

Why is Zoysia grass an undesirable grass in the Northeast?

Zoysia Grass is not designed to be in a New England Lawn. When it's cold, Zoysia grass goes dormant.  For 6 months of the year, your lawn will be green and for the other 6 months of the year your lawn will be brown. It has a very low tolerance for shaded areas. 

Zoysia grass can be useful in some areas such as golf courses, beaches, etc but it's often not preferred at homes. Zoysia is a very aggressively spreading grass - it can even sometimes be considered invasive because of its aggressive nature. 

How do we treat for Zoysia grass?

To get rid of Zoysia grass in a lawn we use a nonselective herbicide designed to clean up the “bad stuff”.  Oftentimes nonselective herbicides, like Roundup, are used in mulch beds to get rid of weeds.  In this case we are using it to get rid of undesirable grasses like Zoysia Grass.  Round up is absorbed by plant leaves and stems but it does not get absorbed into the soil.  

Since Zoysia grass spreads aggressively and is such a hearty plant that rallies, we often treat it with two rounds of nonselective herbicide before reseeding a lawn with the desired grass blends. 

Once the lawn is treated, we go over it with an aerator to loosen soil and prepare it for seeding.  We then cross cut slice seed. The result is a new lawn with a grass blend that will perform well in the northeast climate!

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