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Annual Blue Grass (Poa Annua) vs Kentucky Blue Grass

Posted by Nate Bahler on Apr 29, 2021 11:36:01 AM
Nate Bahler

While these two sound similar, they couldn't be more different.  They are both types of bluegrass. One is desirable and one is not

Kentucky Blue Grass yields a beautiful, lush, dark green lawn while Poa Annua (annual blue grass) spreads rapidly and dies quickly, often leaving you with a patchy lawn. 

Fun fact: Many homeowners find Poa Annua undesirable but some golf courses find it very desirable.  It grows low and is easier to maintain in this environment.

Kentucky Bluegrass

  •  Produces a seed head

  •  Perennial

  •  A cool season desirable grass - thrives in Spring and Fall 

  •  Low shade tolerance 

  •  Has a deep emerald/blue color which makes it so desirable for lawns 

  •  Requires a lot of maintenance so is usually blended with other grass seed varieties. Kentucky Blue Grass generally requires about an inch of water per week. 

Kentucky bluegrass

Annual Bluegrass/ Poa Annua

  • Produces a seed head.  

  • Generally has a lighter green color 

  •  Annual 

  •  An undesirable grass type for many homeowners 

  •  Each plant is able to produce 100 seeds in as little as 8 weeks 

  •  Weak/shallow root system

  •  Favors damp areas

  • Used on golf courses because it grows to a low height. 

Poa Annua

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