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Fall Lawn Care Myths

Posted by Brian Gerber on Aug 10, 2021 12:57:11 PM

Myth #1: I do not need to Core Aerate my lawn every fall. 

  • This all depends on your lawn. If your lawn has a high clay content, we recommend a yearly Core Aeration service. Clay soil will compact when dry.  High traffic areas will also compact more and need aeration.  If you have a healthy, well maintained lawn, you only need Core Aeration services every other year.

Myth #2: My lawn didn't do well this year so I'll try again in the Spring.

  • Do NOT do this. If you are not happy with how your lawn survived through summer then fall is the BEST time to reseed it. If you wait till spring to fix your lawn you will not get the results you had hoped for. 

Myth #3: Leaves are beneficial to my lawn so I do not have to clean them up. 

  • This is true if leaves are in smaller pieces and can break down easily.  In this case they offer many nutrients for your lawn.  Otherwise, leaves can suffocate your lawn.  We recommend cleaning up what you can if there are a lot of leaves and using the rest to mulch into your lawn.
  • Note: Do not leave Oak leaves on lawn to recycle into soil.  They are acidic and will affect your soil pH and grass performance. 

Myth #4: I do not need fertilizer in the fall. 

Myth #5: My grass stops growing in fall so I don't need to mow. 

  • Grass will continue to grow until we hit freezing temperatures and lawns go dormant.  Make sure to keep the lawn short - this will continue to protect it from the threat of diseases.

Myth #6: Summer is gone so means the weeds are also gone.

  • As long as the grass is growing, so are the weeds.  This is a year-round battle.   There are different life cycles of weeds that will affect a lawn throughout the year.  Winter annual weeds begin germinating in the fall and survive through winter.  These will shoot up in spring and compete with grass so it's crucial to control in the fall.

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