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Is the Grass Actually Greener on the Other Side of the Road?

Posted by Dave Schwarm on Aug 25, 2021 3:00:57 PM
Dave Schwarm

For years and years we've all heard the metaphor, “The grass always greener on the other side of the road”.  To most, this is a reminder that other people’s lives or situations aren’t always better than ours, as they may seem from afar. 

As a lawn professional, this can mean something much more literal.  One of the common calls we get in the summer months is, "Why does the lawn across the street look better than mine?"

Before you get caught in this trap, consider a few things:


Nothing stays greener and healthier in the summer than weeds and crabgrass. The problem is, weeds and crabgrass are annuals and will die off in the winter leaving large, bare areas and allowing for soil erosion.  Your neighbors lawn might look full and lush, but if it’s full of weeds and undesirable grasses, this is only temporary. 


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Sprinkler System

Let’s say you have the same lawn care company as your neighbor.  For some reason their lawn always seems to look better than yours.  Do they have a sprinkler system?  There is no greater way to keep a lawn healthy than with the ability to control water to your grass. An underground Automatic Sprinkler System is invaluable in keeping your investment looking its best. 


From across the road, most lawns look green regardless of what they are full of - weeds, crabgrass, moss, you name it.  Looking down, however? This is when you will notice every little imperfection.  It’s all about perspective here.

Lawn Care Company

Not all companies are created equally.  Many companies provide service in different ways or use different products or equipment.  Ask your lawn care company about which products they use, what’s included, if there are any a-la-carte services you should know about, etc.  Check the reviews!

The Homeowner  

Growing up, my dad had the best lawn in the neighborhood and he treated it himself. He was an old school tobacco farmer who knew how to keep things green and keep the problems away. Because he was there every day, there was no lawn care company that could compete with him, not event our neighbor who was the Branch Manager for Chemlawn. 

Bottom line:

If you truly believe that the grass is greener on the other side of the road, go to the other side of the road and check out your lawn from there!  If it still looks worse than the one you're standing on, find a local lawn care company that is trusted and have them evaluate why :) 

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